University River Village

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Project Description


Student housing conjures images of dilapidated apartments with loud careless residents. No one likes these apartment complexes. Students struggle to learn in dingy living quarters with outdated appliances and no amenities; neighbors are concerned about living next to a transient population with no motivation to care about the quality of the neighborhood. UDGI was set out to create a student housing community that would be an asset to students and the local area.


In 2015, College Gardens was acquired, conveniently located adjacent to California State University Sacramento State campus and bordering the American River. A year later two other adjacent complexes, The Marq and University Village were acquired and were combines with College Gardens to form University River Village. Our vision was to create a single student housing community that would have fantastic amenities and be accessible to the local student population. To achieve this goal a number of amenities were added; a student center to foster community, numerous study areas, a tech center, an automated package center, a game room, two fitness centers, sports facilities, barbecue areas, a fire pit, and manicured landscaping. To appeal to parents security patrols and controlled access gates and fencing were added.


An all-inclusive community where students feel at home and have everything at their fingertips was created. Students now have first-rate housing and the revenue at University River Village has increased by approximately 33%. In addition, by combining three independent complexes, the operating costs decreased by approximately 15% resulting from economies of scale. Future improvements include the construction of a 5 story, 131 room state of the art housing which will become the cornerstone of University River Village.

Project Details